A series of personal accolades, public reports, and involved activities.

Issued a Merit Award in Westlake Cell Program Poster Competition (20221219)

Participating in HUPO2022 (20221207)

I gave one keynote talk, presented a poster, and participated in the 3-min thesis talk contest.
More importantly, I was able to get connected with so many great minds, meet old and new friends, and relate to young scientists who share similar career paths.

Giving a keynote speech at VPAP2022 (20221025)

VPAP, Virtural Podium Asia Pacific.

Wechat report

Enrolled as a finalist of the HUPO Early Career Researcher 3-Minute Thesis Competition (20220907)

Origanl report; Wechat report; Sneak peek

Playing a gig at Westlake New Student Orentation Gala 2022 (20220826)

Acknowledged for science popularization by CSBMB (20220721)

CSBMB, the Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Science popularization on Guangming Daily (20220609)

Newspaper web; Newspaper mobile

Introducing Proteomics to the Public online (20220521)

Awarded “Innovation of the year 2021” (20220123)

Awarded Dean’s Award 2021 (20220120)

Media report; Certificate

Awarded Suwu Social Scholarship 2021 (20220120)

Recognized as the VPAP2021 Best Presentation Award Winner (20211216)

Recognized as the winner for AOHUPO’s Best Award in Asia (20211118)

Web report

Playing as a leading actor in a college promotional MV (20211115)

Recognized for reporting Innovative Hot Topics as a HUPO volunteer (20211021)

Playing as a chorus singer in the campus theme song (20210826)

Recognized for Westlake University &Chinese Academy of Arts New Year Artwork Exhibition (20210115)

Interviewed for 2021 new year resolution (20210104)

Interviewed for a social practice in the private equity firm Yonganguofu (20200916)

Recognized for Westlake University Annual Gala 2020 (20200114)

Additional report

Interviewed for 2020 new year resolution (20200101)

Awarded National Scholarship for Graduate Students (20191212)

Playing the bass in an outdoor concert (20190605)


Awarded at Westlake Academic Poster & Speech Competition 2019