A series of personal accolades, public reports, and involved activities since 2023. See also: Spotlights before 2023.

Attending Westlake Community Festival Openning Ceremony (20231022)

Having been studying at Westlake University for five years and now working here, it’s a great honor to attend its 5th Anniversity and also the 1st Westlake Community Festival. I also had the pleasure to perform the song Power of Youth at the Night Gala.

Awarded Best Poster Award from the Asia Ocienia Region by AOHUPO (20230809)

Giving a speech at Opening Ceremony of Westlake International Graduate Summer Camp 2023 (20230710)

Attending 2023 Westlake University Commencement (20230701)

Attending graduation ceremony at Fudan University (20230616)

I passed my Ph.D. defense!!! (20230522)

Awarded Outstanding Graduate at Fudan University 2023 (20230515)

Acknowledged for a top cited article (20230221)

Link to the article

Enrolled as a member of HUPO Early Career Researcher Committee (20230204)

Web report

Awarded “Patent Production of The Year 2022” (20230107)

I was awarded Patent Production of The Year 2022 at the Anual Meeting of Guomics.