An academia profile and beyond

Hi, I am Xiao. Welcome to the very first blog of my academia profile. The content below involves a list of descriptions of this website.

I started the website on 20211121, with the idea of integrating my academic events, including CV, featured publications, recorded talks, and public activities. A highlight is in Blog, where I in line with my research, summarize my reviews and ideas. Science propagation might be included in the future.

Because the formal career started with my Ph.D. training since 2018, only the happenings afterward were accounted for, except my alma mater information.

The base language for this website is English. However, a handful of blogs are written in Chinese or bilingually for interpretability. You may use the auto-translation (google translate) tool at the top-right side of the menu bar for assistive reading. If you are in China, a VPN might be required for this function.

You are more than welcome to leave comments or raise inquiries at the Guestbook. The information will be archived in my email and I’m happy to build up meaningful connections.

The prospect of this website, beyond as a personal academic profile, is to bring a waterdrop in the sea of open science, to encourage communal discussion and insightful share.