A series of accolades, public reports, and involved activities since 2023. See also: Spotlights at 2022 and before 2022.

Identified as Talent (Class E) in Hangzhou (20240125)

Performing at Starry Sky Lawn Concert (20231125)

Attending Westlake Community Festival Openning Ceremony (20231022)

Having been studying at Westlake University for five years and now working here, it’s a great honor to attend its 5th Anniversity and also the 1st Westlake Community Festival. I also had the pleasure to perform the song Power of Youth at the Night Gala.

Awarded Best Poster Award from the Asia Ocienia Region by AOHUPO (20230809)

Giving a speech at Opening Ceremony of Westlake International Graduate Summer Camp 2023 (20230710)

Attending 2023 Westlake University Commencement (20230701)

Attending graduation ceremony at Fudan University (20230616)

I passed my Ph.D. defense!!! (20230522)

Awarded Outstanding Graduate at Fudan University 2023 (20230515)

Acknowledged for a top cited article (20230221)

Link to the article

Enrolled as a member of HUPO Early Career Researcher Committee (20230204)

Web report

Awarded “Patent Production of The Year 2022” (20230107)

I was awarded Patent Production of The Year 2022 at the Anual Meeting of Guomics.